About Mayabious Academy

School of Animation and Visual effects is a portal of Mayabious Academy, a division of Mayabious Art. SAVE was founded on the philosophy that concentrated production work combined with industry-led theory is more valuable than purely theoretical instruction. This unique educational model has proven to be successful across our programs, allowing students to achieve more than at any other school.

In "SAVE", students receive a rigorous and comprehensive education including lectures, tutorials, productions, collaborations with other departments, mentorship with working professionals, and insight from guest speakers.

The keys to the SAVE model are intensity and structure: there's no such thing as "down time" at SAVE - unlike university and college educations, each term, each week, each day is filled with learning and creating. And rather than picking and choosing from a variety of courses, your SAVE education is carefully designed so that the courses and projects in each term build directly upon what you learned the term before.

This is why one intensive year at SAVE is equivalent to 3 or 4 years program at another academic institution. It's also what makes a SAVE education perfect for students who don't want to spend a lot of time in school before starting their careers in the entertainment industry.